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Web site information and software

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Much information has been provided by satellite service companies. Some of this may be out of date.  Prices and technical details of satellite internet equipment and services, for example, may be in error and may be changed.

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Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) update May 2018.

On 25th May 2018 new general Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into effect. This section explains what it means for you.

We collect data from you when you sign up to the forum or access a web page. In all cases the server log records your IP address and details of the browser (e.g. chrome) that you are using.  In the case of the forum, if you want to post messages you need to register and login.  You need to provide a hidden username and password for login purposes plus a public visible screen name and genuine email address.  We do not ask for additional information about your gender, age, avatar picture etc.  You may select your email address to be NOT to be visible but this may detract from your responses if you are trying to sell something.  If you want any of your information edited or deleted, login and go to your user control panel (User CP). If you want to be deleted completely tell me.

We use your non-public username, password and email address for login purposes. We may occasionally contact you, using your email address.

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You have the right to ask us to delete your data.  This is known as your right to be forgotten. 

You may access your data to update it via your control panel.

You may request access to your data if you have forgotten your login. Please email me to get a new password. Your password is stored in encrypted form and I can't read it.

Privacy statement

When you access this website everything you type in and receive back is encoded in such simple and well known codes (ASCII, Unicode, JPG, GIF, zip etc) that it can be regarded as in the clear, with no privacy.  The same applies to emails, all of which, both sent and received, may be stored in information retrieval systems for subsequent intelligence analysis. I have been told (August 2013) that the following US internet companies are making all correspondence and personal data available for harvesting by the US National Security Agency: Microsoft, Yahoo (BT), Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype (Microsoft), YouTube, Apple.   In the satsig forum it is necessary to register and use a username and password in order to post messages. This is in an attempt to stop spammers and fraudsters. Your password is sent via a plain text message.  Note that plain text is not encrypted, and it therefore susceptible to interception in transit. The forum logging in process similarly involves the transmission of your username and password, in the clear. Please use a password comprising at least 8 random characters that is unique to your satsig forum registration. Such is the intensity of hacking and interception by well funded organisations that we cannot guarantee privacy. Please use a unique password for the forum is case it is hacked.   If you ever access the site using wifi in an office, house, hotel or at internet cafe be aware that your messaging is open to interception.  In the forum you are advised to avoid providing very exact GPS location data for your VSAT sites. This is particularly relevant if you are in a war zone or similar.

The internet is not a secure environment and the traffic to and from this website transits many countries and places where it is inevitable that data will be intercepted.

The server has a log of accesses and this is analysed from time to time and we take an interest in what is going on.

If your equipments send abnormal access attempts (e.g. nimbda virus, port scans, hacking attempts) to the site we may investigate, via your internet service provider, to get the access stopped if it is a problem.  Computers at IP addresses sending multiple requests using web copier software may be blocked.

If you send us emails asking for VSAT services, equipment, space segment rental etc we may forward such messages to anyone who we think may be able to help you, unless you specifically request otherwise.

Satellite Internet Forum

Contributions to the forum are the responsibility of the people putting them there.  If we become aware of inappropriate postings such as spam, hacking codes, abuse or whatever, we will delete it.  We can't determine the accuracy of people's messages or closely monitor what people are doing.  Users of the forum are reminded to read the forum rules, which appear during the sign up process. If you choose to display your email address in the forum you may get some genuine replies but it is inevitable that you will be spammed who scan web pages 'harvesting' for mail addresses to try.

Your public displayed name is a new feature and must differ from your hidden login name.

It is important that you use a cryptic forum password comprising at least 8 random characters that is unique to your satsig forum registration and that you change it from time to time, particularly if you ever use hotel, internet cafe, wireless hotspot or similar to connect to the internet, where all your communications may be more easily intercepted.

Use of the forum while "logged in" as a member involves the temporary storage of a "cookie" on your PC while you are logged in. When you login your may select the time period for which this cookie applies.

Satellite Signals Ltd

Satellite Signals Ltd is a limited company, registered in England no. GB273564.  Reg. office: 95WatchouseRd, Chelmsford, CM2 8LT, UK.

Errors and the updating of information

You are encouraged to send me updated information and corrections. If you want your information deleted please say.
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